The Location is Perfect for Us

I looked for apartments in Las Vegas, specifically North Las Vegas, after our daughter was diagnosed with a serious illness that required many, many trips to the hospital. Since the hospital she needed to go to is located in that area of the city, we thought it was time to get out of our parents’ basement and find a place to live. We needed a nice apartment complex in a safe area and one that offered lots of amenities. Since we knew we would be going to the hospital several times a week for treatments, we didn’t want to spend all our spare time driving around the city to get stuff done.

My husband did some searching online to see if we could find an affordable place. We’re young and a lot of places just aren’t affordable even though my parents offered to help us out. Continue reading The Location is Perfect for Us

The Perfect Living Arrangements for Us

My friend and I decided to get an apartment together for at least a few years so we could each put a huge dent in our student aid loans. We have opposite shifts and days off, so we knew that we would rarely be at the apartment at the same time, which we both knew would keep us friends since both of us have strong personalities. We each started looking at two bedroom apartments for North Charleston. One of the requirements was that we needed two bathrooms, because there was no way I was sharing a bathroom with a guy friend and he felt the same way about sharing a bathroom with a girl.

We found the perfect apartment at Edgewater Plantation. When he showed me the floor plan for it, I knew that it was the one, even without going there in person yet to see it with my own eyes. He said he felt the same way. When you first walk in, there is a coat closet and small foyer. Continue reading The Perfect Living Arrangements for Us

Why Renovate a House when You Can Just Lease an Apartment and Move when You Want Something Different?

I have always liked the advantages of living in an apartment. You do not have to replace shingles or cut grass. If you live up north, you don’t even have to shovel any snow. No worries about that down here in Atlanta, but you get the point. I know there is no equity earned, but there is no risk of problems putting you underwater for a mortgage either. I have lived in apartments since I went to college, and now I went to visit site properties for a new place. To me, this is the biggest benefit of apartment living. If you get weary of your old place, just move when your lease is up.

I had grown weary with my old place, and I wanted to move to a bigger space. I wanted to have an office at home, and a two bedroom place would let me be able to telecommute three days per week at my job. Continue reading Why Renovate a House when You Can Just Lease an Apartment and Move when You Want Something Different?

An Apartment is Waiting for Me

I started looking at apartments near Towson not that long ago. I don’t have to move there for another month, but I did not want to wait until the last minute to start looking for a new apartment. I had no idea if it would take me a day or three months to find a place that I liked well enough to make my new home, at least for the next year or so. I decided the best way to do this was just start looking at the different websites for the various apartment complexes in the area, and then decide which ones had openings and then apply.

It did not take me long to know that I wanted to live at Rodgers Forge in Towson, mainly because of how nice the floor plans are for the different apartments. Continue reading An Apartment is Waiting for Me

Singapore’s Fascinating Mixed-Use Building Projects

When I visited Singapore, I saw interesting things. Most people were bilingual. English was a common language there. I was kind of surprised, especially since most of the people I interacted with were Chinese. One of the coolest things I saw there was the building I was staying in. The company I was contracting work for owns a condo in one of the new building projects that is a mixed-use building. There are plenty of examples at The one I was staying at with my family for three months had water separating the building from the outside world. You stepped over little footbridges to get from the sidewalk to the building. Continue reading Singapore’s Fascinating Mixed-Use Building Projects

I Needed to Make a Change for the Sake of My Business

I was thinking of getting a new website for awhile, but I did not know if it was worth it. My thinking had been simply that I wanted the page to look better. I didn’t really think of my customers. But I was looking at and really liked some of the examples that they have on their page of work that they have done for clients. I was impressed enough to contact them. That’s when I learned that it is very important that customers see a great page that draws them in. Customers need to see that your online presence matches the type of high quality service that you give them in person. If your page doesn’t look good online, that can really turn off potential customers. That really resonated with me because it made perfect sense.

After that phone call, I took a good look at my page. There were so many things wrong with it. I knew that I could fix some basic things, but who has the time to deal with that type of stuff when you’re busy putting out so many other types of fires with your business? I don’t. But I knew that I needed to take the time to at least look the page over well and think about some things that I would like a professional to handle for me. That didn’t take to long. When I was done, I called the company back and told them that I was ready to hand everything over to them to start working on something new for me.

My new website is fantastic. I feel proud of it. I have now put my URL on all my business cards that I hand out. I have noticed that I’ve gotten a really nice traffic boost since the new web page has gone up. I have even had new customers tell me they found my business after being pointed to the new page.

Needing More Room for Starting a Family

My wife first brought up Seaside Residences in Singapore after hearing about the apartment complex from a friend who moved there due to problems with her current accommodations. What interested my wife about this place is that they have an extensive number of floor plans, many of which are three bedroom apartments with lots of living space. She was interested because we’ve lived here for a number of years, but we live in a small apartment that isn’t amenable for raising a family. This is important because we’ve decided to start having kids and we knew we needed to upgrade to a bigger place.

Our other option was to move into her parents’ place. Continue reading Needing More Room for Starting a Family

Very Affordable Power Rates in Philly

I needed to cut my household expenditures, which was what led me to investigating electric companies in Philadelphia, due to my wife losing her position at the company where she worked for many years. Since she’s a few years away from retirement, it’s going to be impossible for her to find a comparable job with a similar salary. We needed to save money quickly even though her severance package would keep us afloat for the next several months. We cut the cord on cable television, dropped our newspaper subscription, and sold one of our cars, but I knew we could do more.

A friend suggested going online to investigate switching power companies. He did something similar a year or so ago and couldn’t believe how much he saved on his monthly bill. Continue reading Very Affordable Power Rates in Philly

You Do Not Have to Do Scrapping on a Large Scale to Make Some Decent Money

My brother-in-law is an electrician. All day long he gets small scraps of copper wire from working. I asked him if it would be a problem to just throw it in a box. I told him I would empty it every day since he lives right next door to us. Instead of a box, he uses a 5-gallon bucket. He said he has to clean up the scraps anyway, so it is easy. I asked him to do this because the price of copper per pound is usually quite high. However, you get more money for clean copper than you do for wire that has the insulation on it.

That is why I sit at home when we are watching TV or just lounging about and strip the insulation off of the wire scraps. I then roll up the bare copper and put it in a plastic barrel I have in the garage. When the barrel was full, I had 800 pounds of copper. Continue reading You Do Not Have to Do Scrapping on a Large Scale to Make Some Decent Money

It Looks Like My Boss is Going Under

Of course me and everyone else here were a lot more concerned about how this effected us, but it looks a lot like we are going to just end up answering to a different guy, or perhaps his daughter if I read things right. A Sacramento bankruptcy lawyer and a bunch of accountants spent the other day going through everything in the building, they had me there to help them and I had to give up a Saturday of college football and basketball. At any rate they were obviously trying to figure out what the place was worth, but after a bit I sort of wondered if there was some sort of under the table deal going on. Continue reading It Looks Like My Boss is Going Under

Mom and I Are Living Together Again

My mom had lived on her own for nearly ten years before she fell and hurt her hip and leg. While she can still get around now that has went through months of therapy, she told me she was no longer able to live on her own. She was talking about living in an assisted living apartment, but we both knew she would not be happy in one of them. Before telling her anything, I did a search for two bedroom apartments for rent in Rio Rancho NM. I was only living in a one bedroom apartment, so there was just no room for her to live with me.

However, I knew that if I moved into a larger apartment, then we would both be able to share it. My mom and I are more like friends than mom and daughter, because it has just been the two of us for so long. Continue reading Mom and I Are Living Together Again

Hiring a Professional Resume Writer

When you begin looking for a new job whether you are just completing your degree or have years of work experience and are interested in a new position, it can sometimes be difficult to get noticed by hiring managers. If you have sent out your resume several times and haven’t heard back, it is something a product of your resume, not your work experience or education that is keeping you from moving forward with recruiters. It’s one of the reasons many people hire an executive resume writer to create, update, or revise their resume. Many standards in the industry have changed and it causes resumes that used to be acceptable to be looked over far too often.

Many say that when a recruiter looks at your resume, you only have a few seconds to make a good first impression. Thinking about this, many people realize that their resume does not stand out in a way that makes it really pop on the page and present the recruiter with obvious ways to catch their attention. This is where an executive resume writer comes in. Continue reading Hiring a Professional Resume Writer

Taking a Chance on a Financial Plan

For as long as I’ve been alive, I’ve seen money making plans come and go. Some of them seem like they may actually work, but I never wanted to be the one who would test them out firsthand. After that one man decided to scam all of those elderly people and take all of their money, I became even more cautious about trying things like that. Then one day, I heard about a new plan that was getting a lot of attention. I wasn’t sure if it was worth trying, so I looked for Wealthy Affiliate complaints from people who had actually used it.

I couldn’t find any complaints about the plan, which seemed odd to me. No matter how good something is, there is usually at least one thing to find wrong about it, or someone who won’t like a particular thing. This made me a little suspicious, and at the same time made me curious. Continue reading Taking a Chance on a Financial Plan

My Problem Was Solved Extremely Quickly

I’ve worked really hard to get to a place in life where I can put the money that I’ve earned to work for me. For a lot of years, I simply socked away as much money as I could. I knew that I needed a way to invest in something to bring in more steady income, so I bought an old apartment building. Before I could rent out units, I needed some work done first. The big surprise was that I learned I would need to have some asbestos removal done right away.

I hired a team of contractors who were doing a great job working on the old building for me. At some point, they pointed out that there had been a lot of water damage. I learned that the past owner was really bad about getting things repaired quickly, and it caused a lot of damage to the ceilings. That is one of my pet peeves about people, when they don’t stay on top of things so that problems don’t grow worse. Continue reading My Problem Was Solved Extremely Quickly

Building Up on Our Strengths

What do you do when you are in over your head, and you just have no clue what to do? Well, I don’t know what others do in that situation, but I came out of it fighting. My family has owned a large apartment complex for nearly 40 years, and we have been struggling recently because other complexes are newer and more modern. They are also more expensive, but apartment seekers usually don’t let that stop them. I knew we had to do something if we were not going to go under, and ended up being the answer that we needed.

I know that a lot of people like to see shiny new things, but I also knew that there were a lot of people out there who still appreciated the charm and inexpensive of older things too. Continue reading Building Up on Our Strengths

Moving in to My New Place This Week

Jane and I bought this house about six or seven weeks ago, but it was not ready to live in when we bought it. We had to get some work done before it was ready. Aside from that the kids are still in school and we decided there was no reason to pull them out in the middle of the year. Of course we decided that we could dump the cable company and we used this resource to try to figure out what we could pay for direct TV. Of course I want to get the big sports package, but that is not really going to happen. Continue reading Moving in to My New Place This Week

Apartments Prices from Brook Highland Place

I think that I have found the next place that I am going to live with my girlfriend, and maybe soon to be fiancee. I do not know when I want to pop the question, but I would like to ask her to marry me at some point. Anyway, I need to find an apartment for us to live in, and I am looking at,, as it seems like it would be a good place for us to live. I have actually been there before, and I like how they have things set up. It is nicer than some of the other places I have been before, and I think that it is on our price range, so I am going to check that out some more. Continue reading Apartments Prices from Brook Highland Place

The Dog Really Likes It

Usually I like to buy my dog treats from the local pet sore, but occasionally I’ll try to make my own using various recipes that I find on the Internet. These recipes usually result in something that my dog will take one look and sniff ant, and then decided that he doesn’t want to eat it. My dog isn’t very picky about food, but he can be when it comes to things that I make. I thought I would never make something that my dog would like, but then I found, and I was able to make something that my dog ate in less than 10 seconds.

The website showed me a treat that I could make for my dog using yogurt. I never figured that yogurt would be a good idea to put in doggy treats, but apparently it worked for this particular recipe. I followed the instructions and put the treats in the oven. While they were baking, my dog noticed the smell of the treats and walked over to the oven to watch it. Continue reading The Dog Really Likes It

Compact Treadmill Gets Me Moving on Bad Weather Days

My legs feel a lot better when I walk every day. The pain is almost nothing when I get out and go for a nice long walk. My wife and I walk about two miles every day at least. Then we have all of the walking of our daily activities. On bad weather days we still go out, but when it gets really cold or there are thunderstorms we do not go. She uses a recumbent exercise bike, and I end up not doing any exercise. She looked at the best compact treadmills and bought me one to get me moving on those days.

We have limited room in our small house. She knows I like to walk and not row or ride an exercise bike. The compact treadmill was a nice gift. Continue reading Compact Treadmill Gets Me Moving on Bad Weather Days

Bad Neighbors Motivated Us to Get an ADT Alarm System

Not all crimes make the news. Some neighbors just take the loss. They never even turn in anything to their insurance companies. In fact, some neighbors even know who committed the crimes against them but will not call the police. After finding out from other neighbors about the rash of criminal activity, we decided to call our local ADT home security system provider. We got our house set up with not only the perimeter and motion detecting sensors, but we made sure we got the smoke and carbon monoxide protection too. That is a good enough reason to get an alarm system even if you do not have any crime at all in your area. Fire is not discriminating. It can attack anywhere. So can colorless and odorless carbon monoxide.

However, our motivating factor for getting an ADT alarm system was the crime. Garages and homes were being broken into. Small items that can easily be carried off are being taken. Only one neighbor reported it to the police. Continue reading Bad Neighbors Motivated Us to Get an ADT Alarm System